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20 Sep Personalized Jewelry
kamal 0 141
Reasons Why Personalized Jewelry Is The Latest CrazeAll women love to wear fashion accessories. It gives them a sense of uniqueness and a way to add appeal to the overall persona. Today, the emerging ..
09 Aug Birthstone Jewelry
kamal 0 2204
Know Why Wearing Your Birthstone Is An Emerging Fashion Trend? Most of the people understand the birthstones only as gemstones representing a person's month of birth. However, it does a lot more than..
18 Jun 10 Weird Tricks for How to Polish Silver
kamal 0 160
10 Weird Tricks for How to Polish SilverMake the dull jewelry and tarnished silver that you have, look like they are new after cleaning them with these trusted everyday household items.VinegarAs muc..
20 Sep Carrie Name Necklace's style & Tips to Wear it
kamal 0 141
Carrie Name Necklace's style & Tips to Wear itDid you have an idea that the Carrie Bradshaw Necklace which is also known as the Carrie Name Necklace? It was a rocking trend in the 1980s. But unlike ..
13 Jul Sterling Silver
kamal 0 183
Surprising Health Benefits Of 925 Sterling SilverSilver's signature metallic glint has been cherished for centuries in the jewelry making industry. However, with so many silvers on the market, which k..
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