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About EnvyHer

Have you ever created your own personalized jewelry? Our world is becoming smaller and smaller where each person has their own way of expressing themselves uniquely. With all the new technology and ideas, what is a better way to express a person's feelings just with a piece of jewelry? You can have a message written, something made out of the metal, or jewelry of your name.

Also, gifting something to someone makes giving something a lot more real.  When you are the one who choices each part of the piece for that someone special, this thing becomes very important. That is when you can say that the gift has truly come from the heart. 

EnvyHer believes in personalizing things, starting from our products through the shopping experience we deliver. Our story began with a group of three young and passionate designers. These designers decided to open an online store named EnvyHer. It allows people to purchase genuine sterling silver and high-quality personalized jewelry. 

We know that what you are buying from us is not just a piece of jewelry for you, it is something that you are putting your feelings into. And this is why you need something that is absolutely unique; something that no one else has in the world.

Begin expressing your love, feelings or boldness in a wonderfully unique method with the help of EnvyHer. Personalize your piece by combining stones, metals, and engravings of any style that you desire. Select the birthstones that represent your loved ones, or just pick the rock that you feel is lucky for you. Decide the style and metal as per your budget, and have a message, memorable date, or precious names engraved on it.

How is it done? - Preparation Process

Each style you find on EnvyHer is available in multiple colors of metal, and Swarovski gemstone twists. You can choose the metal and the product design from the vast list.  Our professional team will use advanced laser machines and engraving techniques. These things are used to produce engraved bracelets, necklaces, rings and much more. You can get your names, dates, messages and even the monogram initials on the jewelry.


The style and personalization are created with a lot of care. We use high-quality materials like the Italian 925 sterling silver and the gold-plating metal. Moreover, we also have a QA department whose task is to ensure that the quality of the metal meets our client's expectations.

To the best of our knowledge, we are the only company that utilized Rhodium to plate our silver chains and other silver jewelry. This prevents the oxidation of the metal. This also helps to prevent our skin from turning green by reacting with the silver. On the production of your product, the QA Department will check it and ship it directly to you. 

What is EnvyHer?

EnvyHer is an online destination for those who love fine jewelry and to make a special moment in their lives that would persist forever. The complete customize-able high-end necklaces, rings, and bracelets are produced utilizing manufacturing advancements. 

Due to the advancement in web technology and a concept brought to perfection by the professional team, EnvyHer allows the customers the ability to visualize and create unique and custom charms, rings, anklets, bracelets, and necklaces.  

We can provide you a variety of precious engraving font options, metals, and gemstones. This allows us to build a gift like no one else and make it the gifted person impressed. 

The Founders

With the passion of designing, we had just one goal - to assist people in capturing moments. This is because people carry their special moments and memories further in the form of custom gold and silver jewelry. We have a vast experience in the craftsmanship jeweler industry. Our designers can create a perfect piece of jewelry for you.  

Our mission is to be the best in creating custom-made jewelry. It provides you an opportunity to design each piece with a high standard of quality and creativity. We always make sure that new discounts keep hitting the EnvyHer online store. 

And this means that you can find products with about 15% off to about 40% off that are subjected to change at any time. The idea behind this is to have people who aren't able to purchase real gold items, enjoy owning a gold-plated or silver personalized jewelry as they mark a memory dear to them on metal that would last forever.

We at EnvyHer

EnvyHer has a very good team where experts can handle each stage of the production process. We will make sure that everything comes out unique right from the beginning. 

We always stay up to date with the latest trends regarding accessories, technologies and engraved font styles. With the help of these inspired learning and skills, personalized jewelry by EnvyHer is produced. Our team understands that to succeed, we have to create unique designs and provide value-priced items. 

Other than that, there needs to be a no-hassle return policy along with superb personalized customer support. The EnvyHer team began with this, and we would continue with this to offer the best from EnvyHer.

  • What makes our products worth it?

  • We provide exceptional jewelry and shopping experience.

  • We offer free shipping worldwide!

Each personalized jewelry is packed in a signature box, which is then delivered for FREE to our customers all over the world.

The 100-day easy return policy leaves you stress-free and risk-free while you order from EnvyHer. Our team promises to continue the efforts for redefining the timeless designs. Not only this, we also try to maintain the high-quality of the products. 

Purchase personalized jewelry at EnvyHer with Confidence to mark a memory of Your Life!