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EnvyHer - Privacy Policy


By purchasing any item like the name necklaces, or any personalized jewelry from EnvyHer, you agree to the following terms and conditions. Also, we respect the privacy of a person, and hence, we adhere to a strict privacy policy while you visit our website to purchase EnvyHer Personalized Jewelry or share some information on the site. Please read them carefully.


Privacy Statement


When it comes to privacy, respecting your privacy is of utmost importance to us at EnvyHer.


For any information that you give on our website or the information that is gathered by a "cookie" while you are live on the site during your visit, EnvyHer uses this strictly for maintaining a record of the purchases and items you like. Along with this, it is used for promotional reasons only. EnvyHer does not trade, rent, transfer, or sell any of your information to a third party. So, you can fill out the text boxes that come in front, while you are on your visit on the website.

The employers at EnvyHer aim at using the information of the customers only for the customer's use and does not share any data outside. Our team continually reviews the system and the data to ensure that the best possible service is provided to our customers.

And since the Parliament has developed specific offenses for the actions that are unauthorized against the computer data and systems, we would investigate if there are any such actions. EnvyHer would make sure to have the person involved prosecuted. We would also undertake the civil proceedings for recovering the damages against anyone responsible.

After you have registered yourself on our website, you would be asked to submit some of your personal information. This includes your name and your personal contact information. EnvyHer would always safeguard your information and would use it only for your orders.

Under no conditions would we share or disclose the information to any third party that is unauthorized. So, you can shop for name necklaces or monogram necklaces hassle-free and stress-free with EnvyHer as your data is going nowhere.

In addition, EnvyHer has employed a “cookie” for tracking your actions and moves on the website during your visit. The cookie has a duty to “remember” who you are, consequently eliminating the requirement for you always to come back and re-register with us when you visit our website.


Sharing Information

As mentioned in the Privacy Statement, EnvyHer would not rent, transfer, share or sell any of your information that you share with us to any third party in any way that deviates from what is revealed in this statement. Also, since EnvyHer uses third-party companies for credit card processing to bill the customers for services and goods, these companies are secure and do not use, store, share, or retain any of the personal information that you share for any secondary purposes.

You might have heard of PayPal. EnvyHer is a partner with PayPal for permitting a speedy, secure and safe checkout process. It is advised that the International customers should utilize the method of payment via PayPal for having their order of the EnvyHer Personalized Jewelry processed faster. Also, the billing and shipping address would have to match the address that has been shared on your PayPal account. Find out more about PayPal's Privacy Policy here.

Order Processing

When you are browsing through the EnvyHer website, you would be asked for some regular contact and billing details. These details would include your name, shipping address, email, phone number, and credit card information. Even though this information is needed for the processing of the purchase, EnvyHer promises that the information would remain with us privately.

The reason why EnvyHer takes your information is to verify the credit card for the processing of the order and the anonymous traffic monitoring. It is also crucial for us to have the details so that we can get in contact with you regarding the order and the complete process, leaving no surprises for you as well as us.


Promotional Marketing & Canadian Anti-Spam Laws

If you opt to subscribe to our newsletter, this means you are consenting to get contacted by EnvyHer through your social media accounts or email account. In other words, in case you want to hear more from us, with this method you can be in touch with us at all times and find out about the new arrivals in our store.

With subscribing, you would find our special and promotional offers of the monogram necklaces and other products at EnvyHer in your email. Moreover, you have the complete right to opt-out of the mailing list at any point of time in case you do not want any of these emails to be sent to you. And for the record, EnvyHer would never rent, lease, share or sell your email address to another third party without your permission.


Changing Your Subscription Preferences

Being a registered agent with EnvyHer, you have the complete right to log in your account and change the preferences to receive or not to receive any promotional and offer emails of EnvyHer Personalized Jewelry in your personal email. In case you do not want to be contacted by us about any special offer or the promotional items, choose the option of opting out of it, and we would respect your decision.

So that you do not hear anything from us, you can stop the newsletters and messages that by following the "unsubscribe" link in any one of our emails. However, EnvyHer might still continue to use your personal information for contacting you for servicing your account or as authorized by the law. Also, if you have registered or communicated with us utilizing more than one email address, you would get the same promotional offers on both unless you opt-out of the subscription list for the EnvyHer Personalized Jewelry updates.



If you are confused about what a cookie is - A cookie is a piece of information that is stored on the hard drive of the customer or user. It contains information about the user. EnvyHer uses both persistent and session cookies. The cookie usage on EnvyHer is not at all linked with any personally identifiable information.

With the help of the cookies, EnvyHer is able to track and target the interests of our customers and users in the whole. This is done by analyzing favorite products and areas to improve future experiences on our website. Also, the cookies do not cause any damage to your data, computer system, and the files on your computer. Moreover, only the website that has transferred a particular cookie to you would be able to get your movements recorded. You can easily read, modify or delete the cookie.

In case you do not want any of your information to be collected by EnvyHer through the use of cookies, there is a simple procedure that can help you out of it in almost every browser. You can go to the settings of that browser and delete the existing cookies and even automatically decline the use of any cookie.

Also, if you want to choose from the cookies that you want and the ones that you do not wish to, you can select the option for prompting when a cookie comes up on the website during your visit. EnvyHer respects your decision for the cookies as well.


Third-Party Advertising

EnvyHer utilizes the Remarketing process with Google Analytics for advertising online. In other words, third-party vendors, which also includes Google, would show our ads on the websites across the Internet. The third-party vendors, as well as Google and EnvyHer, utilize the third-party cookies (like the DoubleClick cookie) along with the first-party cookies (like the Google Analytics cookie) together to inform, optimize and serve ads that are entirely based on a person's past visits to EnvyHer.

In case you want to, you can freely opt-out of Google Analytics for Display Advertising. You can also customize the Google Display Network ads using the Ads Preferences Manager.

EnvyHer might engage with the third-party advertising companies for advertising the services and products to you online. And these businesses/websites might employ cookies and action tags, which are also known as the single pixel, for measuring the advertising effectiveness of the EnvyHer Personalized Jewelry.

These companies might also utilize this technology for serving relevant or specialized advertising content and/or recommendations to you via EnvyHer's website or even on a third party's website. Any information that any of these third-party sites collect through the action tags and the cookies are completely anonymous and doesn't hold any personally identifiable data. For more details on this practice, and your choices, which also includes opting out of this, click here!

For any other details that you want to clear with us at EnvyHer, feel free to contact our Customer Care Representatives.