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How to take care of your jewelry

Care Instructions for Your Personalized Jewelry

Each piece of personalized jewelry from EnvyHer is a precious piece, and it has to be treated that way. All the jewelry, even the one that is the most precious, needs the necessary care.

For keeping the jewelry, you own looking good, new and lustrous, below are some shared essential instructions that need to be kept in mind, regardless of the metal type. This means that the instructions work for personalized jewelry that is gold-plated, solid gold jewelry, or even just a sterling silver one.

EnvyHer offers you with the essential care instructions that are needed for ensuring the Custom Gold & Silver Name Necklaces and other jewelry pieces that you purchase from us look new at all times without any doubt or issues. This is regardless of the age of the jewelry. Follow the steps and you would always have a new shiny set for the special occasion from your jewelry box.


1. Be smart about safekeeping.

Storing your personalized jewelry properly would do wonders for keeping it looking new at all times. It is vital to keep the customized jewelry is a separate box or pack from the other ones before putting them in the storage area together. This is to avoid any tangling up with the other pieces or to ding up with due to a lot of movement.

It is a great idea to have a jewelry box that has a soft felt lining. But in this, you would still have to make sure that the items are kept separately and properly without allowing them to mix and tangle up. Moreover, you can also have an even line in a simple shoe-box made with fabric material to store the jewelry in it safe and nested.

Another significant investment that would keep the oxidants out of the box that would make the pieces dull and tarnished is the Anti-tarnish strips. You can add them for much better safety and care for the monogram jewelry care.


2. No jewelry in the tub, instead rub a dub dub.

The shampoos and the soaps that you use for your body might be a great idea to use on the jewelry to have them smelling fresh and squeaky clean in no time. But that would create a bad hole in your pocket as the personalized jewelry can get spoiled due to the chemicals that are in the shampoos and the soaps.

Furthermore, wearing the jewelry and then having a bath just to make them look new as you clean both yourself and the piece, would just spoil the look if the item. Spending too much of time in the shower with the jewelry would cause a film to form over the precious metal that makes the jewelry. This would also make the sheen dull and diminish the gorgeous shine that it had before this disaster.


3. Pools & jewelry do not mix.

Each person, during the summer season, love a refreshing dip in the swimming pool due to the heat and the sweating, while some just love it in the jacuzzis. But these jacuzzis and pools are filled with a lot of chlorine that can discolor your jewelry if it is in the water for a very long time. So, to play safely, in this case, it is better to remove all of the jewelry pieces that you wear before getting into the pool or jacuzzis.


4. Cleaning the house or something else, take the jewelry off!

If you are washing something or cleaning off the makeup from your face, it is advised to remove your jewelry before doing anything. This is because things like the hairspray, washing powder, lotions, and many cosmetics have chemicals in it that can cause massive damage to the jewelry. So, it is better to remove all of these things and then do what you need to with the chemicals. This would save the exposure of the jewelry to the chemicals.


5. Makeup first, then accessories.

As mentioned in the point above, all the cosmetics and things like the hairspray and lotions have a lot of chemicals in them that can tarnish and cause harm to the jewelry. Hence, to keep the customized piece properly so that it would always look the best and new, it is better to keep them away from the harms like this. Hence, first always put your makeup on and get ready before you wear any accessories.


Some Other Important Points: 

  • Keep the personalized jewelry away from the sunlight, humidity, and extreme temperatures.

  • Other than avoiding the jewelry when going to the pool, avoid wearing it during a spa as well.

  • Always use a clean cloth or cotton to clean your jewelry.

  • Store the jewelry in a dark, dry and cool place.

  • Keep the jewelry in separate boxes or bags to avoid them from getting scratches.


Special Care for Gold-Plated & Silver Personalized Jewelry

It is obvious that all the jewelry would one day eventually tarnish, but for them to have the most extended life before they do depends entirely on you. It depends on how careful you are and how properly you take care of them.

At EnvyHer, we advise you to always give your silver and gold items a quick clean by the ending of each day. This can be done by utilizing a soft cloth that is used for cleaning. It is important since it would help you remove any oils or fingerprints that have accumulated on it due to the normal wear.

And it is recommended that once in a week, it should have a much deeper clean. For this, you can use a simple mix that is made of a half cup of warm water that is mixed with a few squirts of mild liquid soap. Put the jewelry in it and let it soak for about 3 minutes. After this, remove the item and rinse it with clean water. Allow the personalized jewelry to dry before you can wear it again or store it back in its box.

The sterling silver personalized jewelry deserves extra and special care. And we at EnvyHer recommend that these pieces need to be polished with silver. The silver polish is a very common thing, and it can be purchased from many jewelry stores, supermarkets and even from a drug store.


How to Treat Tarnished Silver at home?

The tarnished silver or the black spots that come over the silver jewelry is caused by a natural reaction between the silver metal with the oxygen in the air. Moreover, this can be fixed easily with home products.

The following instructions can help you take care of the issue at your home. Two methods have been explained below, you can choose one out of them that is appropriate and fit for you to remove the black spots from the silver metal:


Method 1

  • Take a pea size toothpaste on a gentle toothbrush and clean the jewelry with it.
  • After that dispose the brush and wipe the jewelry with a soft cloth gently to have that piece of jewelry looking new once again.


Method 2

  • Take a glass bowl, cover it with tin foil and put your jewelry in the bowl.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of baking soda, and then pour some boiled water (to cover the items).
  • Let it soak for a couple of minutes (it will get bubbly and smelly because of the reaction with the baking soda).
  • Then wipe the jewelry gently with a soft cloth.

The personalized jewelry commemorates the most special moments of a person's life. Hence, it should be treated with care, and that is when it can last a lifetime. EnvyHer’s jewelry is made to last a lifetime, but still, proper care is required. And for the care, you can follow the tips mentioned above to preserve the beauty of your unique designs.


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