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From the many jewelry options on EnvyHer, you might have had your heart fall for a piece or two. To make sure that you have the right sized piece delivered to you, this size chart is something you need to cross-check before you place an order.

Chain Size - for the Personalized Necklace

Now that you have selected the piece of personalized jewelry that you want to purchase, ensure that you have the right-sized chain for that necklace.

How long should my chain be?


To keep everything short, the chain size that you choose would determine the place where the pendant or the name part of the necklace sits. So, you need to check the length that you find right for you. EnvyHer gives you three chain size options from 16" to 20" long. This means that you can have the chain sit anywhere from your lower neck-bone to your lower chest portion.
As soon as you decide where you want the necklace to reach, take a long piece of the strip and put it around your neck in a loop. Close the string on your chest at the point where you want the necklace to sit. After that, open the string and measure it to know the length of the chain that you want for your personalized necklace.

Kindly keep it in mind that the lengths of the chain mentioned here on the website do not include the pendant length, where the pendant can have a length between 0.75” to 2” (2-5 cm). So, the complete length of the personalized jewelry would be the length of both together.

Bracelet Size

There are two types of bracelets that you would come across. How to choose the right size for yourself for each type has been explained below:

Bangle Bracelet Sizing:

Use a strip of paper or a flexible measuring tape to measure the width of the center of the knuckle and wrist with a closed wrist. Let your pinky finger be placed on the top center of the knuckle on your index finger before you measure it.
Match the measurement you took with the chart below to select the identical bangle size. In case your size is between two sizes, we advise you to opt for the larger one.

Cuff & Chain Bracelet Sizing

Using a strip of paper or a flexible measuring tape, measure the circumference of the part just above your wrist bone towards the elbow.
Note the measurement on the measuring tape or measure the strip you used.
Compare the measurement with the chart below to determine the similar bracelet size.
In case your size comes in between two sizes, we advise you to opt for the larger size.

Ring Size

After you have selected the ring design and mentioned about the personalization that you would like with it, make sure you choose the right ring size.

Ring Sizing Tips

Getting the right ring size is very simple as much as it is important. To get the best accuracy, you need to measure the inside diameter of any existing ring that you already have. It also should be worn on the same hand and finger for which you want to purchase the new engraved rings. After that, check for the same measurement on the Ring Sizing Chart on this page.
However, if you do not have any ring to take the measurement from, follow these easy steps mentioned below:
Cut a paper strip that is long and completely fits around your finger.
Coil the paper around your finger, in the area that is right above the knuckle.
After that, note the position at which the two ends of the paper strip meet.
Measure the paper strip from mark to mark after removing it from your finger.
Search for the same measurement on the Ring Sizing Chart for locating your size on it.
The average ring size for men is size 10 (for the US & Canada). The average ring size for women is size 7 (for US & Canada).
As you measure to determine the ring size, make sure that you measure the exact finger of the same hand where the ring would be worn. Also, if you are determining the size of the ring from a ring that you already have, make sure it is for the same finger for which you want to choose the ring size to get the new name rings from EnvyHer.
A ring should fit your finger tight enough where it would never fall off at all. Moreover, it should also have a loose and comfortable fit as you slide the ring over your knuckle.

Free Ring Re-sizing

We provide a free resizing where the ring size can be altered within two full sizes of the ring that you bought from us at EnvyHer. This process is available only if you avail for it within 30 days of the original shipment date.
This does include the rings that have been engraved, and if you want the re-engraving done on it, there would be an extra charge for it. Other than this, you would also be responsible for any shipping cost related to this process. For further details, call us to have a word with our customer representatives.
In case you need a resizing done for more than two full sizes, or you have contacted to resized beyond the given time of 30 days, we would still be happy to assist you with the resizing of your ring and at a reasonable fee.
To request for the re-sizing of the ring, please contact our customer care representatives or fill out the contact form for having our experts contact you within 24 hours.

Anklets Size

Whether you are getting the anklet for yourself or ordering it to gift it to someone, the right size has to be always chosen. Though some anklet styles have the toggle or adjustable style enclosures or clasps due to which they are considered as "one size fits all." But the other style would need to you to measure your ankle to make sure that you have the proper fit.

The sizes, in this case, can range from 8 to 9 inches for the small ankle people to an extra-large size of 11 to 11.5 inches. Mostly the sizes on many websites are listed as a small, medium, large, etc., as per the inches.
For ordering the right size of your anklet, you need to measure the widest part of your ankle to know the size. Use a ribbon, string, or flexible measuring tape. Make sure you check the stripe measurement with the ruler to get the exact measurement in inches.
It is recommended by us to add about 1 to 1/4 inch to the measurement that you have recorded to get the decent hang.
For any further help or details, feel free to contact our customer care representatives!

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