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Affiliate Program

Become an EnvyHer Affiliate!

We are looking for websites or freelancers to become a part of our affiliate program, and if you refer your customers to EnvyHer, you would be getting a minimum of 8% commission!

EnvyHer has been in the name jewelry market for a long time now and has made a stable place in the market. With the growing success of the internet business, the company's high professionalism, and the efficiency of both attention to detail and service, EnvyHer is the right stop for every name jewelry you can think of in the market. We are proud to share that we are open to new ideas of personalization and even add them as and when a customer requests for it.

The diverse designs on the EnvyHer online store ensure that there is something for everyone where we are more than happy to accommodate more custom designs and ideas. All you need to do is name the item, and you have got it on EnvyHer.

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Why partner with EnvyHer?

Joining to be an EnvyHer affiliate is unquestionably free, and it is even one of the easiest and fastest method to assist in translating your site traffic into significant income. If you partner with us, you gain a lot on your current resources. This includes your fan base, your content, and obviously your site. After that, you can just sit back and observe all your visitors transform into cash.

As soon as you become an EnvyHer partner, you would be spontaneously presented with exclusive coupons, feeds, banner, links, and more. All the online transactions would be traced where you would get your commission for any purchases that were made by the customer who was referred from your website. This would be provided to you within the 30-days of the customer's first visit.

Why choose to partner with us, in short:

  • 100% Real Object Pictures
  • 100% Best Price Guarantee
  • 100% Products Quality Guarantee
  • 100-Day Return & Exchange Service
  • Free Shipping

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How does the program work?

At EnvyHer we provide the most attractive and competitive incentives as per the affiliate market today. And if you decide to be a part of it, signing up would not be a hassle since it is free, quick, and straightforward. After you have submitted your application and it has been approved by one of the affiliate managers in our team, you would be given your account when it has been set up.

Moreover, you do not need to worry much about the communication after this, as your point of contact would be with one of our professional in-house affiliate marketing team members. We have experts handling the affiliate program where the traffic is tracked with professional software like the Post Affiliate Pro 4 to make sure that the accountability and the accuracy is 100%.

Details of the Program

  • Up to 8% commission on all personalized jewelry sales!
  • Monthly payment.
  • $50 minimum threshold.
  • Order fulfillment handled entirely by EnvyHer.
  • 24/7 affiliate support.
  • Exclusive promotional material.
  • Exclusive coupons for Affiliated partners.

We cover all the costs that are involved. All you need to do is sign up for free and participate without spending a penny.

Join Today! We welcome you to be one of the valued members of our EnvyHer Affiliate Program. Signing up is free and straightforward!

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