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Returns & Refunds

Returns & Refunds

To us at EnvyHer, no order is complete until and unless you are completely satisfied. We do the best we can to ensure that you get personalized and monogram jewelry just as you ordered it - perfect and beautiful!

So, if you have changed your mind, or for any reason, you feel that the item is not the right one, has got damaged or has some defect in it, kindly let us know about it immediately. We would work to either give you a better piece by exchanging it for you or give you a refund.

Our customer-friendly 100-day easy return policy has been explained below.


Return Policy

If the personalized and monogram jewelry that you had ordered from EnvyHer didn't satisfy you, and you want to return it, it needs to come back in the same condition as you received it. This means that the goods have to be unworn, new and in its original packing.

If the item is in good shape as mentioned above, you can have it returned or exchanged within 100-days easily. Also, since these personalized and monogram jewelry are unique, the returns would incur a 30% restocking fee.


Cancellation Policy

When you place an order with EnvyHer, we presume that you would need the personalized and monogram jewelry immediately. And this is the reason why we would begin the work to produce it ASAP.

But, in case you feel that you have to cancel one of the items that you have placed an order for, please try to do it within 24 hours. Since the cancellation that would be made after 24 hours time would be subjected to a 30% restocking fee.

As per the cancellation policy, you can abort the purchase process from EnvyHer under the following conditions:

  • Abort the Order process within 24 hours: Under this, you can avail the complete refund of the amount you have paid for the item. This is since the personalized production process would not have started as of yet.
  • Abort the Order process after 24 hours: After 24 hours, EnvyHer and team would have begun the production of the item that you have place an order for. And since it is a personalized item, it cannot be used for another customer’s order. Hence, you would be able to cancel the process after the incurring 30% restocking fee charge.
  • Returning the item within 100-days from placing the order: Under this, the item value would be refunded after incurring the 30% restocking fees has been deducted.


Return & Cancellation Process

For requesting a return of the item that you had ordered from EnvyHer, kindly fill out the Return Form. As soon as we get the request, one of the customer service representatives at EnvyHer would give you the follow up via the email regarding the instructions and the return form.

Along with this, you would also be provided with a shipping label which would have 30% of the item value for the restocking fee. This amount would be deducted from the refund that would be provided to you. In case you have any doubts and need some assistance, you can contact our customer care representatives.

Upon receiving your return, each item is inspected for any signs of wear-tear or damage before the refund of any funds, or for the replacement of the product. The product has to be unworn and in the new condition as it was sent when you had ordered the product. This means that there should not be any scratches, blemishes, or marks on the item.

Moreover, if the item has been re-sized or modified by another jeweler, it would not be considered as new. Upon approval of the return, you would receive the refund in the same form of payment as you had made when placing the order. In case there was a promotional gift given along with the product, it must be returned along with the item that you are returning.

Note: If you choose any method of shipping, other than the FREE SHIPPING method for the delivery of the custom gold & silver name necklaces, rings, or otherwise, your shipping fee would not be refunded while returning the product back to EnvyHer.

EnvyHer is not at all responsible for any item that has been lost or gets damaged while it is being shipped back to us.

Jewelry Tag

The item that you are returning to EnvyHer should have the jewelry tag with it as you had received the item when ordered. It is advised not to remove the tag from the item until you are confident you want to keep your piece. Also, the tag does not have to be removed for the purposes of ring sizing. The thread of the label is exceedingly thin, and it would not affect how the ring fits.

Refund Policy

As per the cancellation policy, if the order process has been aborted or the item has been returned, you would get the refund of the item value after the after incurring the 30% restocking fees has been deducted. The rest of the amount would be sent back to you within 14 days of submitting the request for cancellation and refund or receiving the item if needed.


Disclaimer: EnvyHer reserves the rights to make any amendments to the policies at any time. Notifications of any chances would be published on this page. If you have any queries regarding this or any of the other policies, kindly contact our Customer Service Representatives.