Carrie Name Necklace's style & Tips to Wear it

Did you have an idea that the Carrie Bradshaw Necklace which is also known as the Carrie Name Necklace? It was a rocking trend in the 1980s. But unlike the other trends during that time, this trend is still as famous as it was. In short, the Carrie Bradshaw Necklace has been in the fashion trend for many years now. Since it first appeared on Sex and the City, the name necklace here has both a “personal statement” and a fashion statement.

It has been more than a decade since Sex and the City went off the TV, and the Carrie style Name Necklace is still alive!

The name necklace is timeless, and capturing it as a personalized name necklace is a way to express that. You must have heard about Sex and the City, which was most famous television series in the United States. It reveals how all four actresses are the fashion icon for a lot of the American women, out of which Carrie is the most impressive of them.

After warming up in the first quarter of the season, she began to play her fashion influence until the end where everyone loved Carrie just too much. The Carrie name necklace that she wore during her time as an actress for the series and the movie, she set off this piece by her debut and wore it matching many styles at many intervals of the show. It just depicted exactly how adaptable the piece is and how it can easily go with any type of fashion and for any occasion.

In the series Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) was in Paris when she went to search for her name necklace. And the reason was that the Carrie Bradshaw Necklace also symbolized her as well as from where she came.

When she went looking for it, there was a moment where she felt that she lost it. The moment she found it, she was happy since it reminded her that her place was in the New York City. After that, she stormed out of the Gallery she was in and returned back home. To her as well as many other women out there, the Carrie Bradshaw Necklace has a high value not because of it’s price, but the meaning that it holds.

What is so Great about the Name Necklace?

The name necklace is a trendy item in the world where a lot of celebrities have women their own names to represent themselves. The name necklace is an indispensable fashion accessory in the today's world. Whether it is to wear their own, or to a loved one to express his mind or give a friend as a birthday present, etc., the name of the necklace is the most romantic, most unique gift.

The uniqueness of the necklace can be a fantastic gift for yourself or your loved one. Select the next Carrie name necklace and surprise someone with it. This stylish necklace is not going to go out of style.

In case you are looking for a way to follow Carrie Bradshaw with her selection of necklace, you have come to the right place. You can become trendy and fashionable with personalizing the necklace with your name, your nickname, someone else name or nickname. The Carrie Bradshaw Necklace will be the necklace to cherish. You can purchase the personalized necklace in silver, or in gold-plated. There are many styles in this where you can also add a heart to it or a birthstone in it. It all depends on you.

How to rock the Carrie Name Necklace?

Women around the globe are innovating how to wear the beautiful designs, with more options than just wearing your own, name necklace. Searching for tips on how to carry this elegant style? Here are four great ways.

1. Add personalization

Go one step ahead and add a birthstone or a heart to the name necklace that you have. The birthstone would act as a charm as per your birth month. All you need to do is ask your jewelry about the various styles that you can add to it, or just check out the collection at EnvyHer to get a better idea.

2. Wear for Someone Else

A fashionable and popular twist on this trend today is to wear the names of husbands, kids, friends, or maybe a word of personal significance. Keeping these letters close to your heart makes it even more special.

3. Wear Your Own Name

For a classic and simple look, choose your own name (first or last name) and sport it proudly!

4. Layer

This fashion statement is being used for many other necklace styles, and it would work perfectly here as well. For a personalized look, you can merge various name necklaces to symbolize your complete name. Or stay classic, and just layer your name necklace with a more extended diamond pendant or necklace.

It does not matter which style you opt for; the name necklace gives you a personalized feel that makes you truly enjoy wearing it. And as a piece of jewelry that goes with any outfit, this one accessory is sure to get admiration from others all around you. Drop by at to get a discount on your first purchase!

Overall, make a fashion statement with the name necklace. What do you think about this and want to share something? Let us know your thoughts below in the comments sections!